Could it be solved?


Could it be solved?
Rockstar could complement the game with say football, basketball, gang / area occupation, buying furniture and building houses of a certain size and shape on land, building a small farm to make a living from legal work, and of course being illegal. Pet and girlfriend / boyfriend mode. Hiding corpses so we don't fall. All in online and single player mode. Have you developed co-operative missions? What is the chance that this will be read and thought through?

Sorry dont great my english language. :/ but i hope uderstand everything!


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It would be amazing for them to further allow for customization like that in GTA Online. They could even go as far as adding a PvE area as well for people that want to have no drama. You could also add many things like passive leveling up that I mentioned in another thread. You could add that to Yachts, Nightclub, etc. The Nightclub could offer more DJ/s that you could pay for in different genres. DJ Khaled, DJ Snake, Diplo, etc. Offer more things that people are willing to pay for.